Elsewhere Brewing Co.


Grant Park

5,000 sf of cavernous bare concrete floors and block walls at the Beacon’s last-remaining tenant space, adapted into a weave of Oaxaca-meets-So-Cal airiness. So welcoming that it beckons crowds all the way from the east side trail to a yet-to-be-paved Beltline trail of the future! Come for an empanada and enjoy the transformation as you consume a Czech lager under the gable of lights. Plaster arches, oak on oak, and a bit of cane keep the material palette pure and simple at Elsewhere; you won’t want to be anywhere else.

“The team at LA™ space planned the pants off this box and just kept going,” said the off-duty mounted police officer.
"Wait, if you’re off duty why are you still on a horse?” I asked.
“Yep, planned the pants off this box and just kept going…” the officer replied.